We welcome new boaters, and love showing you the ropes. (Well, on a boat they are called ‘lines’, but we will get to that later.)
We have instructors on staff and small boats that are super easy to drive.
We can help you with a progression that will take you from your first time on the dock to weekends in the islands and beyond.
Already familiar with boating, but want to improve your skills and expand your endorsements? We can help with that too.

Our lesson prices include instruction for 2 people by a USCG licensed captain, a boat, and fuel. A second person is nice but not necessary for the lessons. But if you do bring a second person it is helpful if they are someone you will frequently go boating with (a spouse/partner/parent/teenage kid/good friend).
While we love kids and many of us learned to boat as children, we find it is difficult to both learn a new skill and parent at the same time. Practice time after your lesson is a great time to get your children involved. (On the theory of learn one, do one, teach one.)
We now have an online lessons booking site: