We welcome new boaters, and love showing you the ropes. (Well, on a boat they are called ‘lines’, but we will get to that later.)
We have instructors on staff and small boats that are super easy to drive.
We can help you with a progression that will take you from your first time on the dock to weekends in the islands and beyond.
Already familiar with boating, but want to improve your skills and expand your endorsements? We can help with that too.

Our lesson prices include instruction for 2 people by a USCG licensed captain, a boat, and fuel. A second person is nice but not necessary for the lessons. But if you do bring a second person it is helpful if they are someone you will frequently go boating with (a spouse/partner/parent/teenage kid/good friend).
While we love kids and many of us learned to boat as children, we find it is difficult to both learn a new skill and parent at the same time. Practice time after your lesson is a great time to get your children involved. (On the theory of learn one, do one, teach one.)
New Boaters Lesson Package – $600
Best Value: 2 lessons and a boat to use to practice!

Two days on the water. Each day you get a boat for 4 hours, the first two hours are with your instructor, use the other two hours on your own to practice.

Schedule your lessons in the morning, and use the boat to practice your new skills or to just hang out on Lake Union. And then do it again for the second lesson! This value cannot be beat.

So that is (2) Two hour lessons (Intro to Power Boating Parts 1 & 2) and 2 free boat uses!
*Boat use is limited to the lesson participants and for use on the same days as lessons. Boat use subject to 18′ max.


Intro to power boating Part 1 – $275
On the dock, on the water. The basics covered.

Two hours. Starting on the dock and getting you out on the water behind the wheel. We cover safety issues and equipment, basic docking, knots you should use, even a little boat etiquette.


Intro to power boating Part 2 – $275
On the water.

Two hours. Review of safety and preparation, light navigation, rules of the road, close quarters handling, and cruising basics. That is a lot for 2 hours so lets get right to it.


Larger boats and more adventure.

Two hours. Taught on 25-31’ boats. Bigger boat systems- there is a lot to it! Handling bigger boats: planning for wind, current, and passengers. Smooth docking; it’s easier than you might think. How to manage your speed and fuel burn. Trip planning and more.


3 hours of instruction tailored to your needs. Includes boat, instructor, and fuel.

3 hours of instruction tailored to your needs. Boat included up to 27′. Let’s discuss the locks and beyond, anchoring, larger boat systems, advanced close quarters handling and manoeuvres. Schedule your time and then tell us what you want to learn. (Please note that 3h is not enough time to go through the locks both ways.)


Most boats are different than the next one. Master yours.
Includes suggested maintenance log and basic procedures list.

Three hours. Enough with our boats already, let’s learn yours. Boat systems, maintenance, close quarters handling, long range cruising. Contact us first for travel out of the Lake Union / Ballard area.


Round trip through the Hiram Locks, for up to four people on a 25-28 foot power boat. Fuel included.